nitasha k
nitasha k
seeker of the self, lover of life, aspiring author, confidence coach and host of unlock bliss podcast

Hi, I'm Nitasha. All you really need to know about me is that I’m a seeker of the self, always ready and willing to unleash my power by breaking down barriers of fear and replacing them with a foundation of love and abundance. Through writing, speaking, and coaching, I aspire to inspire - not by fixing problems but simply by sharing stories of how I stopped using others as a barometer of success, looked within to find my value, and took steps to creating the life I've always dreamed of. 


We all constantly use words, a daily act that binds and connects each and every one of us. Words are tirelessly pieced together in trillions of varying permutations as mere attempts of attaching a description to the state of things as they are or what we perceive them to be. I love words for how limited they are in their ability to adequately wrap their arms around the depth and breadth of this life. I love them for being insufficient, for being simply unable to wholly explain the infinity that exists around us and within us. That is why words are my vessel. They pique my curiosity. They allow me to seek and see. Words are the vessel that carries me through the exploration of my depths, where I try my best to, at the very least, get a glimpse at all that is inexplicable.