"The Cold Doesn't Bother Me Anyway!"

Picture this: It's Saturday morning. After a full night's rest, you wake up to the radiant sun shining through your window. You get up and get ready to have brunch with your most favorite person. As you're ready to walk out, you pick up your camera (because your Boston bestie is a camera feign herself and wants to explore Boston with you via DSLR) and you step outside into the beautiful...........L I T E R A L L Y after 3.32 seconds, you realize that, all of a sudden, you want to throw yourself off a bridge because it feels like 786 knives are stabbing you in the face and you can no longer feel any of your extremities and your lips feel like falling off and you can no longer think because it's NEGATIVE NINETEEN DEGREES OUTSIDE WITH LIFE-THREATENING WIND CHILL.

Coming from California, this cold thing is completely foreign to me. I have no concept of winter, nor do I have any concept of seasons in general. In Los Angeles, there are three seasons: Summer, Summer-Fall-ish, and Spring-Summer-ish. So basically its Summer...constantly. Although the arctic conditions of Boston winters are rough and difficult to get acclimated to, there's a silver lining! Being in a new city - especially one with such vibrant seasons - opens up a whole new world of discovery and adventure. I experienced real foliage and snow fall (like snow actually falling from the sky) within a few months. Needless to say, as a photographer, there are photo ops galore! While the fall held its own in terms of scenic landscape shots, the winter, while at times completely unbearable, is in a league of its own. When it comes to snow, I'm in constant awe. You'd think that its charm would begin to fade after the epic storms we've endured in the past few weeks but no. THE FASCINATION IS REAL. The snow nor the cold has prevented me from exploring the sights and scenes of winter with my DSLR - that's when you know that you're in love with the craft of photography: You'll go to any length, endure any condition for that one perfect shot. 

Even though I was more frozen than Princess Elsa herself, I was lucky enough to spend that Saturday laughing and exploring with one of my best friends while capturing some quality stills. Here are two of my favorites. There are more to come in the gallery soon!

Nitasha KhetarpalComment