Starting Out 2015 the Right Way

It's been almost year since I founded my passion project and this is my very first blog post (tisk, tisk, Nitasha). Since putting n'kreative together, I've moved cross country and embarked on the exciting new adventure of business school in Boston. Between moving, adjusting to life in a new city, getting back into "study mode", and immersing myself in all things b-school related, I've had little to no time to myself, let alone time to be creative. Now, I'm almost half way through my second semester, which is supposed to be one of the busiest times yet. So - what makes this the best time to start a blog? Why now? 

Well, in true East Coast fashion, I've been snowed in for 6 days so far this semester and have yet to have a full week of classes. The weather gods decided to make it a extremely memorable year by dumping a record 84+ inches of snow on the Northeast over the course of the last 21 days, causing accumulations of epic proportions. Needless to say, now that we're three storms deep with one more to come, I've spent a lot of time trapped inside. So, somewhere between the point at which I got stir crazy and the point of becoming borderline insane, I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to spend time putting finishing touches on my site, to really commit to getting back into editing/filming/designing and to start blogging about it all. I mean, it's also a great way to channel all the pent up energy, so hey! why not?! An even more compelling reason is that I'm in Boston - a beautiful, rich city that presents one opportunity after another to capture some breathtaking scenes (mostly ones that revolve around the weather). It would be a crime not to share!

So here it is, very first blog post of many many more to come. I might be a little late to the "New Year, new me/new goals/new everything" train but all that matters is that I'm finally here! Watch out for accounts of my photo/film/design related adventures, my editing escapades, and tonssss of awesome shots (sprinkled with some life reflections, maybe a few recipes, and bunch of random rumblings from yours truly). Can't wait to show you what I've got in store!

Let's go 2015!

- N 

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