Old is Gold

As human beings, it is our tendency to be excited most by all things new, different or unusual. Fresh ideas, perspectives, and experiences are bound to catch our eye. A new phone, a new travel destination, a new friend. We are drawn to novelty without being conscious of it. In fact, we can also even draw energy and excitement from it. It is rare, however, to be as excited about those things that are familiar to us. The rarity that something constant and recognizable can continually generate so much elation is incredibly special. I was lucky enough to experience that this past weekend when one of my oldest and best friends, Umna, came to visit me in Boston. 

The long weekend was spent enjoying everything under the sun, with the exception of warmth since it was apparently the coldest weekend in Boston in the last 59 years. Despite the fact that the frigid temperatures prevented us from walking around (which is the way I like to explore Boston with new visitors), the four days were filled with complete gluttony, laziness, spontaneity, a ridiculous amount of laughter, exploring, binge watching Season 2 of How To Get Away with Murder, tons and tons of love, and of course, photography sessions.

For most of my friends, getting harassed by Nitasha + DSLR is not the most enjoyable experience. This typically ends in someone getting upset at me or threatening me that they're going to learn all of my tricks and proceed to chase after me with the camera. Umna, on the other hand, makes my job a complete breeze. Luckily, we have 10 years of friendship on our side (many of which were spent practically living together) so there is a great level of comfort we have with one another as model and photographer. She poses, smiles, laughs, and follows my cues without a single complaint while I snap away from every angle imaginable. On Monday, we spent about two hours frolicking in the snow through the Boston Public Garden in hopes of capturing a few good memories. However, the final product turned out to be way better than either of us expected. The combination of Umna's patience/cooperation (and pure drop dead gorgeousness) and my willingness to experiment/boss her around made for some pretty memorable shots, a few of which turned out to be the best portraits I've taken to date (don't worry, I repayed her in Shake Shack for being an amazing subject).

This was definitely the highlight of the weekend because 1) photography is such an exhilarating creative outlet for me, 2) I was proud to see a visible improvement in my work, and 3) I, most of all, got the opportunity to photograph one of my best friends. I could not have asked for a better way to end what was already a perfect weekend of sisterly bonding. All the joy and excitement Umna brought to my little home in Boston was a beautiful reminder that old truly is gold.